Facebook Stories “The Conditioned”

For its 10th anniversary, Facebook commissioned Already Alive to tell a powerful story — one of a homeless man in Brazil whose greatest passion in life is writing poetry and dream is to publish a book. Living on the streets made it an impossible dream. However, a series of unimaginable events take place that transform his life in dramatic ways. “The Conditioned” is an inspiring tale of the power of connection.

  • Credits
  • Director / Music / Edit
    Michael Marantz
  • Director of Photography
    Tim Sessler
  • Producer
    Jason Oppliger
  • Unit Production Manager - Post Producer
    Drew English
  • Production Studio
    Already Alive
  • Facebook Collaborator
    Brittany Darwell
  • Local Brazil Producer
    William Guimaraes
  • Footage of Raimundo at the Island
    Tiago Venturi
  • Special Thanks
    Shalla Monteiro
  • Production Designer
    Marcio Maracajá
  • Production Assistant
    Jessé Nunes
  • Production Assistant
    Rahissa Pelles
  • Production Assistant
    Piva Barreto
  • Set Drivers
    Gilberto Monteiro / Mestre / Francisco Oliveira / Cleverson Massuda
  • Security
    Diego Oliveira / Wellington Alves