Our Revolutionary Camera System

Movi and Cinestar_640

They are the MōVI and CINESTAR Octocopter.

The MōVI is an incredible tool, see the video below:

Combine that with an incredible eight rotor remote controlled helicopter unit and you have one hell of a camera system.

Both are incredible new tools that will change our approach to filmmaking. Shots that used to be impossible or too expensive to achieve due to the high cost of a big helicopter are now accessible as never before.

And the possibilities are infinite. We are currently flying with a 5D mk3 that allows RAW recording, thanks to the amazing work of the Magic Lantern team. This system is also built for any cinema camera up to 10lbs (Red Epic, Scarlett, FS700 or Black Magic).

In the past, RC copters were limited to wide angle lenses (in the range of 14 to 24mm) – now with the MōVI system you can go up to 100 or even 200mm and capture insanely stable, revealing or tracking shots, that will be monitored through a Full HD downlink.

  • Credits
  • Builder / Pilot
    Tim Sessler
  • Camera Opperator
    Michael Marantz