Already Alive exists to inspire and empower people through thought-provoking filmmaking.

We are a collective of directors, producers, cinematographers, writers, composers, editors, colorists, audio mixers, and experiential designers.

We are able to take any film or video project from conception to delivery and everywhere in between.

If you wish to collaborate and commision us for a project, please email weare@alreadyalive.com


Who We Are

  • Founder - Director

    Michael Marantz
    At the age of 21 he was diagnosed with cancer. Having gone through hell and back, he rediscovered a new passion for being alive, constantly looking to discover more about life, technology, and why we humans do what we do.
  • Director of Photography

    Tim Sessler
    Tim Sessler is a German born, NYC based cinematographer, documentary filmmaker and visual storyteller. As part of Already Alive he contributes visuals with the cinematic, poetic style that he is know for - helping to tell even stronger stories that create an emotional connection with the viewer.
  • Executive Producer

    Noah Meisner
    Noah has produced pieces for Facebook, Legendary Pictures, Fusion, and many more.

    In 2012, he oversaw post-production workflow for a team of 30 people that produced more than 1,000 videos as post-production supervisor for Obama’s 2012 video team. He delivered more than 30 live-streams for President Obama, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen and others on the campaign trail.